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In every sentence, the subjects and verbs must agree in number. If the subject is plural, the verb must be also. Incorrect: The group of friends were happy to be together. Correct: The group of friends was happy to be together. Although it seems like the subject is the plural word “friends,” the subject is actually the collective noun “group,” which is singular.

Such errors are typos, not grammar mistakes (there is a difference), and can usually be stamped out with a quick proofread. None of us is immune to these mistakes, so let’s not be too hard on people who make the occasional its / it’s slip-up. In its place is a general sense that the United States and its allies have limited leverage. Columbia University has often shown that the principle is among its core values. The rest of its funding comes from state and federal grants and private fundraising. It’s a powerfully expressive grape that asserts both strong fruit and structural characteristics.Apple left little doubt that it’s poised to reveal the iPad 2 at an event in San Francisco to be held on Wednesday.  The courses began in June, and since then, it’s been booming.Note that in each of these three examples, it’s would bear replacement with either it is or it has . In the above three examples, neither of these phrases would work in place of its . This is a bugbear of mine.

 subject plural

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