Bohdan Khmelnytsky str., 61

Property ID: inherit

One bedroom apartment in the historic center of the city is designed for comfortable accommodation of two people. There are all the necessary amenities:
– Hot and cold water smoothly;
– Refrigerator;
– Iron;
– Electric;
– Feng;
– Washing machine
In service includes:
– Bed;
– Towels;
– Upgradeable shoes;
– Hygiene;
– Dishes
Around car parking, car parking. From the apartment can be reached Pichot greatest monuments, cathedrals, theaters and museums. Not far from the apartments is a park where you can enjoy the silence of the forest and singing birds drink water from healing springs and more.
Near the apartment are many shops, cafes and restaurants, excellent transportation.
Additional discussed price on weekends and holidays. There is a flexible system of discounts.

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  • Саша Posted January 4, 2017 10:14 pm

    Дуже маленька, але акуратна і доглянута квартира, для 1-2 людей ідеальний варіант, до Оперного 3 хв пішки, є місце де можна залишити авто, що для центру Львова є досить проблематично. Одним словом, все чудово

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