A sigh of relief, especially for my mother.

Juventus and sports cars are his passions. As a child, the mother has done everything to enroll her in dance and make her play with dolls, but there’s never been to. Sara Cardin wanted to throw punches and kicks to the blue bag made of sheets and rags grandfather Danilo had «built.» When the cousin Sabina came to see her to play along with its saucepans children, Sara was unleashed against her using slingshot, bow and wooden arrows that had built alone with the knife.

And nothing romantic comedies on TV or cartoons mushy For her there were only Karate Kid, the Bruce Lee films, Bud Spencer and … Kung Fu Panda. Sara Cardin, 32 Years Towards the games — not surprisingly, this 32 year old girl from the deep blue eyes and among the first to go out on google when you type «sexy athlete,» was the world karate champion in 2014, European in 2010, 2014 and 2016, and most recently awarded with the «Red K», the award given annually to the athlete more representative of its category, in this case 55-57 kg. In short: if you win you’re number one.

Born in Conegliano and raised in Ponte di Piave, Veneto, as mentioned married to her coach Paul largest Moretto of 19 years, Sara these are difficult days. Six hours of daily training. The goal, continue to be the best, and to do so must recover from the operation to the knee about three months ago involving the Crusader and the meniscus.

There’s no hurry, recovery times are established and everything goes according to plan, those who will compete for the first time at the Olympics in Tokyo. First time because karate has never been an Olympic discipline, until now. And to go back to being herself, Sara has had to put herself in so many other athletes, that instead the Olympics have played all right: Marco Pantani Usain Bolt through Federica Pellegrini. Biking, swimming, running.

All for the full recovery of the knee. A knee called Rocky.  Sara Cardin, 32 Years Sara Cardin, 32 Years Rocky? «I gave him a name. A tip comes from my friend Bernardo Bernardini.

His is a wonderful story, risked not walk more, and yet today, thanks to the prosthesis, has become a triathlete. He gave me lots of tips. Including that of giving a name to the knee.

Of talk and cuddle. » It works? «Quite. I started with very controlled workouts. The first time I tried to pedal made me very badly. By improving I then started with the pool but it looked like my grandmother, I had to train with inflatable!

Recently I started running again and I just got back on the mat I’m coming back to be myself. » Who is Sara Cardin? «A happy woman like a little girl, bad like a tiger and extremely competitive. Even when you play, it takes very little to make me take the will to win. » For example? «Some time ago I took part in a kart race on the track in Ottobiano. We were in the wind, I was the only woman.

Everyone made fun of me. I came fifth. » So in addition to sending them ko, feed them as well dust. «Do not exaggerate! The sports cars are a great passion of mine, I admit.

If you give me a Lamborghini or a Maserati to drive I do not understand anything. The men, in this case my fellow gym, I have to beat them because it’s my job. » You train only against males? «Usually yes, every workout needs to have a greater load than the official match. So much so that then when I face women it seems to go in slow motion.

Obviously though you’re 1xbet live tv wearing a pressure in the gym there. However one thing is clear: the carpet there I end as well, such as when I face much heavier men than me, maybe over 65 kg «.  Sara Cardin, 32 Years Sara Cardin, 32 Years Can you also throw down your husband? «No, on the tatami commands him. It nags a lot, especially when something wrong. Sometimes it carries my mistakes at home and that means never disconnect.

Become a heavy, then it is normal that Sbrocco. » Nineteen years apart. Yours is almost a challenge. «But it is also true love. I met him when I was 7 years to my first karate training he was there he taught.

For me it was a teacher, but as a child I grew fond of us at once. Growing up has become my second father, then friend, confidant. Finally … boyfriend and husband. » Your parents have taken it well? «A sigh of relief, especially for my mother. She has always tried to please me games from the child.

I remember that he threw into the fire my wooden chest of weapons they hid in my room. And the very first meeting with him, I just say, «I go out with a boy» and she must have feared the worst. Then when I said Paul was delighted: «But you could not say it right away?» He replied. He knew that he always loved me very much. » At home, however, the pants you wear them. «Yes, but in the sense that I would like to see the pub matches for Juventus or Italy.

I like to hear the roar of the engine of my Porsche Carrera. He do not, in fact: the guide as if it was a Fiat Uno and for me this is not good. An unusual man. But perhaps that is why we complete it. » Your path of an athlete instead be completed with the Olympics in 2020. «I’ve always told my mother that I would stop once it became a world champion but with Tokyo is different.

It will be difficult but I have to try. For me, for Paul, for my grandfather. For everyone».

Sara Cardin, 32 Years If you are so «tomboy» you owe it also to his grandfather. «Tomboy, yes, but also bring heels and I like to dance, I want this to be clear. Grandfather Danilo is a fan of sports. He has 81 years and still wakes up at 4 to follow the games of basketball and American football. When I run often he follows me cycling on the bank of the Piave.

I still remember her homemade banner when I won my first national title in 14 years: it said «Come on Sara» with the marker. I owe him everything, or almost. » Describe karate. «An art martial different than the others. Need a perfect mix of power and precision in football or in his fist, you have to hit but not hurt.

If you leave a bruise to the opponent instead of the point you reprimand beaks. More than kung fu, remembers fencing «. The most difficult moment of your career? «Adolescence. I had no time to do anything, my life was just school and gym. Also already weighed because now, around 53 pounds. However, being too low (1.60 ed) I wanted at all costs to fall below 50.

I stopped eating and obviously was not right. So I began to do it, but I vomited and I realized that I had to get out. We have succeeded, with the help of family and a psychologist. »  Sara Cardin, 32 Years Sara Cardin, 32 You also teach self-defense. «I held in Lebanon lessons in my sole mission with the army, they are the first corporal. We were on the border with Israel, and these women were amazed to see a girl dressed as a soldier who taught martial arts.

They asked me if my husband was in agreement … «. What will you do once the kimono hanging on a nail? «Of course I want to see myself playing at the stadium of Juventus. What a pity that Del Piero is no longer there … «. Better him than Ronaldo? «Alex whole life. He is the captain, the only real Juventus icon. I find it even more fascinating. Cr7 is a great professional and yes, it is also handsome.

But Del Piero is another thing. » The stadium, then. And then? «And then I’d like to do television. I have fun when they invite me, I have already been proposed to make a reality but being a professional athlete I could never. Afterwards, why not? «. When you do, of course, the goal is to win it. «At the risk of throwing punches. Joke.

Maybe». Giacomo Iacomino

March 29, 2019 — Milan President Borgna along with the players of Cuneo and technical Gun who achieved the qualification playoffs: Supports strongly today as 40 years ago, for volleyball is worth a look: you can have as a team even six phenomena, but if you do not know the group, you do not win. Told by whom was part of Klippan Turin, the first Italian side to win the European Cup, the concept has more value.

Diego Borgna, mechanical engineer, 66, is one of those former volleyball players can read with clarity over half a century of sports. Today is the president of Granda Volley, the company Bosca San Bernardo, in Cuneo, where he was born the group, freshman A-1 female, won the playoffs. A former player and successful engineer (former CEO of a multinational company) became president: What made you decide? «I am president because no one else wants to do it (laughs, editor’s note).

And for me it is already party: There were quoted in the safety zone, now we play with the big stadiums in a difficult house to crack. » In Cuneo is a strong reminder of the era Lannutti male, because she believed in the women? «There’s just for fun: PalaUbi to play the men’s team of A-2, but is inflamed feminine universe with players like Van Hecke, Cruz Salas, Zambelli.

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