Monday, April 24, 2006 The return of the is done in a very different context ago fortnight.

Monday, April 24, 2006 The return of the is done in a very different context ago fortnight. We no longer speak almost the CPE. Only a few of agency dispatches evoke the resumption of classes at the Sorbonne or the will of the student coordinating continue fighting. So, the can address other subjects, for example, Le Figaro looks at Internet plagiarism. Many students in fact use the web to provide their homework and even more complex work (theses, dissertations) without writing a single line … In 2001, an American study drew alarm bell by establishing that 41% of students surveyed had admitted plagiarizing, against 10% in 1999. Subject inepuissable … Cross will dedicate an article a day (through May) the question of the Authority. Hopefully we will avoid the perennial discourse on the restoration of the authority to the ~ school … We also learn in Le Figaro that a couple of teachers is betting of learning to read to children in Great Section one week. But for the specialists of the NPO (National Observatory of Reading), interviewed by the same newspaper, there is no quick method .. This "method alphas" takes us a little … Good for betas reading … and good recovery for Zone C … ———————————— 24/04/06 ———- Release of First draft Karl Stoeckel, 19, appreciated President of the national Union schoolgirl, emanation of the left of the PS. After three months of assiduous struggle against the CPE, he prepares his tray. Read more of the article mail: For a school and a culture common When a system is rotten at the core, it is useless to reform the top. After the error, historically dismal, single college, illusion shared by the left and by the right for over thirty years, then extended with a growing attrition rate, unique high school and tray for 63% of a generation (15% in 1965, after three quarters of a century literacy), we now measure the ravages of the only university college for everyone, where ¬ ¬ Frederic Bozo agrees are given diplomas more increasingly devalued the price of an exorbitant rate of failure for lack of selection. The failure of the education system and, consequently, referral mechanisms to the real skills and real professions is a national tragedy, world perhaps. Only are unable to see those qu’aveuglent even the satisfaction of having "succeeded massification". […] To correct this aberration, the multi-parameter solution is a plan that has nothing to do with partisan political calculation to also try to limit the damage and to save at least part of these free electrons, virtual kamikaze new dangerous classes, it would just stop, take a giant mea culpa and organize general. Read More Article Colleges: to work! Efforts to promote youth cities are no less necessary than now (a little less perhaps, given the stress of the university curriculum). The efforts made in recent years are not just window dressing. They aim to give students the envy able to "go there" and, from the example of their success, to initiate a virtuous circle conducive to education in general, in areas where it seems social prestige is not attached to academic success (indeed, even in normal colleges, academic achievement is not improperly valued). J. Richard, professor of history and geography Read more of the article ——————————— ———— Le Figaro 24/04/06 the ravages of plagiarism on the Net students and students extensively pillaged Internet for homework, theses and other presentations. Sometimes without even reading the documents they capture on the Web. Read more of the article Agatha, high school senior, is the queen of copy and paste At 17, Agathe is registered in a public terminal The renowned Parisian high school. According to the girl with dark curls who intends to Sciences Po or a literary prep, the practice of electronic plagiarism is "massive" in his class and those of his friends. To the point that some may question the morning "What’s going on because during located on the Internet." He became her very natural to surf when it has "no time" or "too much pressure" to perform a duty, she says. Read more of the article Suburbs story, riots closer By placing their bags in Bondy, in Seine-Saint-Denis, where they took turns for three months, Swiss journalists Hebdo wanted illuminate this episode . With humility footprint subjectivity — but it has never forced honesty — they are made pen-residents. Here, no statistics or figures in which the self-proclaimed experts on TV sets, under the dominant influence of economists are wont to dissolve the reality to reduce it to a series of mathematical equations insoluble — but chronicles ordinary days More Article Learning to read in seven days: the crazy bet of two teachers to popularize their method based on the game, they will conduct an experiment with ten children under the supervision of a bailiff next week. A Franco-Swiss COUPLE pedagogues, creator of a method of reading transforming learning into play next week to prove that we can learn to read to children 5 and 6 years in seven days. Not one more! Read more of the article For specialists, there is no quick method The goal of seven days they seem largely unrealistic. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 22/04/06 (a day late) High school students want a policy in the struggle against the CPE, the youth realized that their opinions could influence their future. A first step in politics, they claim and agree to renew. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien on 24/04/06 (paid) in high schools too, the exams are approaching CANDIDATES bac are warned: in seven short weeks (for those who return today), it will floor on the test philosophy. In the most troubled schools, some students have fallen behind. Read more of the article "It may be a degree on the cheap" THIS STUDENT degree in economics no longer believed. For a month and a half, since 10 March, the University of Paris I was banned from the conflict related to the CPE. Read more of the article Tough comeback for students TWO WEEKS after the death of the CPE, classes resume this morning in a small twenty universities in the Paris region and the Southwest. On most campuses, courses should continue normally but some doubts remain in … Read more article: children will learn to read in a week CAN learn to read in a week for children between 5 and 6 years ? Near Annecy, a couple of Doussard pedagogues, who has developed a new method of reading, is convinced. And to convince the skeptics, ten little guinea pigs … Read More Article —————————— —————— the Cross of 24/04/06 authority, a future project Everywhere in private life as in public life, the French request more authority. But what does this requirement? What exactly that authority? Until May 31, "the Cross" will devote at least a page a day at the theme Read More Article ———————— ————————- 20 minutes from 24/04/06 Nothing seen … ———— ————————————- West of France 24/04/06 Nothing seen .. . ————————————————- Le Monde, France 25/04/06 in overseas’s eyes if it is mostly rejected as such, the communitarian temptation shines above all, indirectly, in the answers to other questions. 83% of respondents consider that the creation of CRAN — who has been accused of promoting communalism — is a "good thing". 64% (against 28%) are in favor "to what establishes quotas to facilitate access of visible minorities in certain occupations and political mandates." This result is very homogeneous regardless of the profile of the respondents; with the exception of graduates of higher education, which are only 47% say quotas.L’attachement favorable to a specific memory is very vivid. 65% consider it "essential" to speak of slavery; 68% believe that it is talking about "not enough". 92% of respondents favored the Taubira law, recognizing slavery and trafficking as crimes against humanity. Overall, 85% find that the metropolis elected officials should "take greater account of the specificities and particularities originating overseas" homeworkmarket me
Read more of the article Silent Parade in honor of a Belgian schoolboy stabbed to its reader MP3 ome 80,000 people, according to police figures, marched on Sunday 23 April in Brussels, in memory of Joe Van Holsbeeck, a high school student 17 years killed for his MP3 player. Since the death of the young man stabbed to Brussels Central Station on April 12 because he resisted his two attackers, Belgium is overcome with emotion. The most optimistic forecast predicted a 40 000. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 24/04/06 the return of the universities is in the quiet classes resume Monday morning throughout France after long weeks of interruption due to the anti-CPE movement. Read more of the article —————————————- Express daily student Coordination 24/04/06 the fight continues While universities are reopening today, students and high school organizations, meeting in closed Saturday and Sunday in Bordeaux, made an appeal to continue the fight, especially against the law on equal opportunities and the police repression of the social movement Read more of the article Who will pay the bill? As classes resume, university presidents put the cost of damage caused by the blockades and occupations More Article ——————— ————————————— A selection in dispatches of 24/04/06 Whit Monday: focus on flexibility to prevent the 2005 mess Whit Monday, which falls this year on 5 June, will return a non-working holiday for a majority of French to avoid the mess of 2005, although the principle of a "solidarity Day" for the benefit of elderly and disabled home. […] Thus, in education, some 12 million students from kindergarten to the end will be taught courses on June 5 Only personal will bend to a day or two half days "outside school hours devoted to consultation on a school project" at a date to be agreed with the principals. Read more of the article Plagiarism students via the Internet, a scourge just fought in France What was the delight of teachers could become their nightmare: the internet, essential reservoir of knowledge, is also a source of temptation for students and pupils plagiarists, some fought scourge in France despite the existence of anti-triche.Le boomerang back internet software for plagiarism is already known for a long time. Especially in the Nordic and Anglo-Saxon, where in 2001, a US study sounded the alarm by stating that 41% of students surveyed had admitted plagiarizing, against 10% in 1999. More After Article the fiasco of Pentecost 2005, leave students June 5 the approximately 12 million french pupils enrolled in kindergarten to graduation, will be exempted from classes Monday, June 5, the day of Pentecost, after the fiasco of the first Whit Monday worked in 2005 which saw absenteeism spiked 80%. The ripple effect of a day off for students should be readable this year in the number of days RTT raised by their parents, for this long weekend, which traditionally opens the summer. Teachers are obliged them to an additional day of work this year as last year, but it can be divided into two half days and not necessarily on Whit Monday. These are the principals who decide the date and modalities of this additional work day, the objective being to "devote time students without the students," the Ministry of Education, that is ie the consultation in educational teams on educational content. Read more of the article The National Student Coordination refuses "to stop the CPE" The National Student Coordination meeting in closed session on Saturday and Sunday in Bordeaux, noted "the reflux mobilization" but felt " there was no interest in stopping the withdrawal of the CPE, "said a spokesman contacted by AFP. Read more of the article Sorbonne reopens after the tumultuous struggle against the CPE front doors of the Sorbonne in Paris Monday classes resume after spring break like any comeback. But vehicles gendarmes and drastic access controls recall the tumult of the CPE and the closing weeks. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- for more Indispensable teaching coffee VousNousIls the site (Section dispatches education AFP) the home teachers-education AFP dispatches on the site the Yahoo News website under education Published by Watrelot on Monday, April 24, 2006

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